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Summary - PZORileypikhcbn
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7 Responses to Forum

  1. Gilas Gilas says:

    It’s… different. But cleaner for sure.

  2. Athurnz Athurnz says:

    is t impossiable to post?

    • tiger tiger says:

      click the blue general button above, this is a page from basic website, your leaving comments on the page not in the forum.. the forum is above. its actually a seperate script.. wb Gilas!

  3. Gilas Gilas says:

    What do you mean?

  4. tiger tiger says:

    3.21.12 I have gotten an upgrade and forum is working better.

  5. saderos saderos says:

    Site looks great Tig. Thanks.

  6. tiger tiger says:

    guys the forum is above.. it says ( general ) This is just the comment page for forum page. click general, then general again.. your in the forum. :+)

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